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Council Members

Mayor Julie Deepe1

Julie Deepe


Glenn Bartling

Council President
Jae Fintel1

Jae Fintel

Council Member
Jeff Zucker1

Jeff Zucker

Council Member
Zeb Webber1

Zeb Webber

Council Member

About The Council

The Deshler City Council consists of 4 council members plus the mayor. The mayor and 4 council members are elected at large. The Mayor and Council members serve a four year term.  Citizen participation is very important and is achieved through various methods, including the election process, serving on one of many advisory boards and commissions, speaking at council meetings and other public hearings, and personal interaction with council members and other city officials.

City Council meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at City Hall, 305 E Bryson Avenue.  Agenda items need to be submitted to the City Office by noon on Monday.  The agenda will be posted by 5:30 PM on Monday at the City Office, Midwest Bank, and Post Office.